A Week in the Life of… a Babbasa Youth Engagement Volunteer

Welcome to our new blog series, ‘A Week in the Life of…’, where we meet with the faces that make up the Babbasa team and find out what’s going on behind the scenes. We start by finding out what one of our newest volunteers, Shiniece, gets up to throughout the week at Babbasa offices, what her role involves and why she chose Babbasa.



Name: Shiniece Kaur

Age: 21

  ‘On a Monday afternoon, the whole team attends a team meeting to discuss upcoming events or projects. This gives us, as volunteers, the opportunity to join the core team, ensuring we’re really involved with the operations at Babbasa. Throughout the week I help with SFEDI sessions; the accredited skills training that is part of the Youth Ambassador course. I offer support to the young people if needed and also look over their portfolios to see how far they have come.

My role also involves taking part in outreach, where myself, Aishah, Babbasa’s Youth Engagement Officer, and another volunteer, Naomi, go to other youth organisations to engage with young people and make sure we maintain good relationships with neighbouring organisations. This week, I even got to check in on the Youth Ambassador trip they had managed themselves to make sure everything went to plan!

I currently study Criminology at UWE and as part of my degree I had to choose an organisation to volunteer for. I was interested in Babbasa due to a high recommendation from my module leader about the organisation and the fact it works closely with young people; this is a line of work I hope to be involved with after graduating. In particular I chose Babbasa because it offers young people an alternative to school with the chance to gain a GCSE equivalent, which is something that no other organisations provide. They gain professional workplace skills and experience, receive personalised support to develop their unique skills and qualities and are exposed to professional networks through mentoring which increase their opportunities later in life.’

A piece of wisdom for young people;

“Focus on the present as the past has happened and future is yet to begin.”

The assistance of volunteers like Shiniece helps Babbasa to continue supporting the aspirations of young people in Bristol, so we really value the hard work of all our volunteers in helping us to achieve our vision. It’s great to hear that Shiniece is enjoying her role here at the Babbasa office and gaining experience for the future!

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Babbasa Youth Engagement Volunteer, email Amy at admin@byep.org.uk to find out how you can participate, or head to Get Involved for more suggestions on ways you can support us.