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Ask About Me

This innovative project consists of an accredited skills training course, an intergenerational dinner and networking event, and a post-event mentoring scheme. It enables young people to learn about different career options and opportunities.

Ask About Me brings together a wide range of young people and professionals from public and private sector industries such as Business, Public Service, Sports, Engineering, IT, Education, Law and Creative Arts.

The networking event also doubles up as a space to inspire the attending audience to form stronger business and community relationships

Previous speakers include Multi millionaire Dr Stephen Fear (Entrepreneur)Marvin Rees (Politician), Akala (Poet) and George Ferguson (Bristol Mayor). 

The event provides the opportunity for mentoring relationships to form, which we continue to support and develop over a 3-month period with mentoring training and guidance.

To find out more about how you can get involved as a Youth Ambassador, Project Partner, Sponsor or Volunteer, please click here.