How Babbasa supported Dani

How Babbasa supported Dani: support into employment

Babbasa Stakeholder Reception, M-Shed, Bristol

“My schooling was very different to the average young person; because of my physical disabilities I was kept back. They had lots of different abilities in the classroom and when your in year 9, 10, 11 they focused more on the higher sets and us little people were left at the bottom, so I never ever got a GCSE grade. Being a black female in England today is hard, but not only am I black, and I’m a female, I’m disabled and growing up wasn’t a piece of cake.

Babbasa has made me belief that if you want something done, no ones going to give stuff to you, you’re going to have to get off your bum. I aspire to higher things, I aspire to be a manager of my own business, one day and to be something better than what the system wants’. In the meantime, Babbasa supported me to get my first job.”