Change 300 Futures campaign off to a fantastic start

Change 300 Futures

Our Change 300 Futures campaign was successfully launched at our gala dinner on 3 Nov 2016.

Through the support and generosity of those who attended (and those could not but made pledges), we were able to raise £1,525 through our donated auction items, £4,212 through our balloon and pledge raffle prizes, and £2,700 through corporate pledges from Engine ShedIcon FilmsBusiness WestBristol Water and Burgess Salmon on the night.

In total, we raised £8,437 to start off our ambitious target to raise £84,000 by November 2017, for our “Change 300 Futures” campaign.

Our “Change 300 Futures” campaign will support ‘less advantaged’ young people in the following ways:

  • 20 young people to attain a Level 2 qualification, which enables them to progress into further education.
  • 20 young people to access our intensive 1-2-1 support, so they can progress into employment for the first time
  • 60 young people to access our professional mentoring scheme, needed for them to be successful with a career oriented job/higher education
  • 200 young people to access our events and workshops to build new skills, networks and the confidence needed to become economically active

You can find out more about how we’ve supported similar aspiring young people in the past here: OsobAabbiDaniMo and Arafa.

You can also read the full transcript from the incredible poem about Cameron, performed on the night by the Poet Laureate Miles Chambers. Read the poem.

There are a number of ways through which you can support our Change 300 Futures campaign and create the “best and safest runway” for aspiring young people from ‘less advantaged’ parts of Bristol to take off. :

  1. Your fundraising challenge ideas/commitment, using our local giving page.
  2. Your volunteering offer, access to office resources or your professional services
  3. A financial gift, either personally or as a company, to directly support an aspiring young people through the campaign via our local giving page.

Special thanks to those who have pledged so far.

We are preparing a professional cut of film/photos from the gala dinner, in the meantime please see the reactions and  photos gathered from our #Change300futures twitter feed 

We invite you to continue spreading the word about support for “Change 300 Futures”, both online and offline.