Meet one of our Youth Ambassadors Arafa Moaw!

Meet one of our Youth Ambassadors Arafa Moaw! 

Read on to find out about the experiences of one of Youth Ambassadors, 16 year old Arafa Moaw, who completed our Youth Ambassador Course last December.




“Hi! My name is Arafa and I was a part of the delivery of Ask About Me 2015; through Babbasa’s accredited Youth Ambassador #Babbasador Enterprise course.

I joined this course as a secondary school leaver, with a clear mind-set knowing that I wanted to achieve my own business either in fashion or with a food product.

I knew one of the staff members from previous sessions within my school, and knew it would be great to work alongside her again.

Well where do I start! I have enjoyed the course a lot thanks to our tutor! I have had a few ups and downs during the course but Babbasa were always there to support me as a learner. During the course we had to complete our portfolios and we also got the opportunity to help deliver one of Babbasa’s main events; ASK ABOUT ME 2016, which meant we got to witness how a business works, from staffing to marketing and promotion.

We worked on our presentation skills by going to schools, colleges and businesses and well as presenting on local radio shows. I also got young people to sign up and attend Babbasa’s event, which was helped by the presentation skills learnt on the course.

I liked the way we were treated equally by all the team and the office space was open to us. I also received a mentor to help me with my personal development and business idea! The mentor had the correct background needed to support someone with the interests I had, so that was a bonus!

I would recommend this course to any individuals’ aged 16-25, it took hard work but you will enjoy it a lot, I promise, and it is only a three-month course!

My wonderful tutor also gave me a reference and I managed to get a job!

I will definitely keep in touch with the staff at Babbasa when I reach my goal and start my own business!”



Are you aged 16-25? Do you want to gain an accredited qualification without having to register at a college? Instead of classroom based, would you prefer to gain the qualification whilst working alongside a business to support the community?

Intrested in joining the scheme this Summer? Contact our Youth Engagement Officer Aishah today by visiting our get involved page, emailing or calling our office on  0117 329 0717.