For years, the Babbasa Team have supported many aspiring young people from Bristol’s diverse inner city communities to successfully pursue their enterprise and employment ambitions. This has allowed us to develop a deeper understanding about young people as well as experience delivering a range of core services.

Over the next 5 years, we at Babbasa want to benefit more young people and be self-sustainable by directly providing our services to third-party agencies such as corporate organisations, youth service providers and public sector agencies.


Event Management

Through our event management services we produce bespoke events that are cost effective whilst fusing together strong community networks, creative vision, and the use of smart IT applications for all types of businesses, communities and individuals. Find out more about our Event Management Services here.

Recruitment Service

We support public and private sector businesses to grow and diversify their workforce through our growing database of work-ready young people, from diverse backgrounds as potential candidates for entry level roles, apprenticeships and much more. Find out more about our Recruitment Services here.

Research & Consultancy

With a wealth of experience in delivering youth and community projects, we are driven to share our knowledge and understanding with agencies from the private, public and voluntary sectors through research and consultancy work aligned to our mission and values. Find out more about our Research & Consultancy Services here.

Training & Mentoring

We offer a Qualifications and Credit Framework​ (QCF) accredited training programmes focused on transferable skills, delivered through real work environments. Our mentoring service enables companies to develop their staff’s leadership and coaching skills, whilst supporting young people's aspirations. Find out more about our Training & Mentoring Services here.