Training & Mentoring

Training & Mentoring

Are you...

  • A business looking for innovative ways to develop your staff (CPD)?
  • A youth service provider looking for alternative ways to develop your young service users?
  • Looking for purposeful community outreach activities or ways to empower young people?

Youth Training Services

In partnership with Centre for Capacity Building & Enterprise Development (CCBED), we can offer a suite of Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) accredited programmes delivered through real work environments for clients such as probation services, academic institutions, faith institutions and government agencies. We use company visits, pitching to live audiences, project management and shadowing professionals to ensure that our learners are work-ready when they leave us.

Mentoring Services (CPD Programme)

The Babbasa mentoring service is focused on helping companies meet their staff development and social responsibility objectives. Professionals involved often enhance their socio-cultural awareness, leadership and coaching skills through the process. Professionals are charged to help young people from disadvantaged communities explore their perceptions of work life, their life choices and their career aspirations over a defined period of time.

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